Carolyn Huffman and her staff at Huffman Wellness have helped thousands of people over some 15 years in practice to regain their health, from the chronic and acute low back and neck pain to many chronic internal disorders such as IBD and menopausal systems to stress and anxiety.

Chinese Medicine is over 2000 years old and continues to evolve and integrate with Western Medicine. At Huffman Wellness we have evolved to meet the demanding needs of people of all ages. In the last decade, the effects of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicinals has proven to be an effective means of assisting couples with fertility issues. This process is done both naturally and used in conjunction with the latest Assisted Reproductive Technology(ART) to support procedures like In-Vitro Fertilization(IVF). Our Center seeks to supply the most updated knowledge in this newly growing field and to be there for couples as they experience the ups and downs of the fertility process.

As we expand in this area, we realize how so many other general health problems affect the fertility process. If one wishes to enhance their fertility it helps to address these as well; everything from low back pain, to migraines, to digestive disorders, to insomnia and many other disorders especially in the area of autoimmune problems.

In fact, getting couples healthy first, is what it takes before they can even conceive. Many problems go unnoticed because they are often subclinical. So waiting until you are in pain or sick or canít conceive is not what optimal health is all about. It is about nourishing your health on an ongoing basis. Whether you are trying to conceive or not, we at Huffman Wellness Center attempt to nourish and balance your health on all levels, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual and look forward to facilitating this process. Thank you for choosing our center.

Please see "Acupuncture May Solve Fertility Problems" in the Tampa Tribune Saturday March 29, 2008, in the For You section of the paper on Carolyn and her practice of Fertility and how acupuncture and herbs help and some of the Reproductive Clinics in the area that she works with.