Success Stories

It brings great excitement to share with folks, looking for an alternative to better health, Carolyn Huffman's Wellness. Acupuncture has been a wonderful option for my husband and I. At first, we approached this endeavor with many trepidations, I mean who really enjoys needles? Our focus was fertility and although we still seek and pray for our lucky moment we were more shocked with the unexpected benefits of better health. One example, in particular, would be my monthly cycles. Oh how they changed! I suffered cramps, grumpiness, and discomfort for the past 10 years. Then within one month of weekly visits I was barely able to tell when the "special" time would arrive if not for a calendar. There are many benefits to acupuncture and being the wimpy / hypersensitive person I can be, no one has been more surprised. From regaining a rise in energy to a clearer focus during times of the month where it can be difficult have been just a few rewards. My husband and I continue with our visits to Dr. Huffman because we love the customized approach to our health and the dedication Dr. Huffman brings to her clients, even if she wants needles in my feet and I reject!

- CH & GH

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