Success Stories

Thanks to Acupuncture and Carolyn, my husband and I are now 12 weeks pregnant with a very active and healthy baby. I came to Carolyn because I was having irregular periods and had no idea when I ovulated. I had an ectopic pregnancy with the loss of my tube 10 years ago, but still had both of my ovaries. My husband and I were getting frustrated with negative pregnancy tests month after month so I started asking around about the best, fastest, cheapest, and least invasive way to get pregnant. That's when my cousin told us about Acupuncture and that it is good for your body in all sorts of ways. I didn't think I knew any Acupuncturist until I drove the same way everyday and realized that I had been passing this place with signs outside that said Fertility Expert and Acupuncture. I couldn't believe I had never thought to come here before. So I spoke with my husband and I set up an appointment. I couldn't have been more pleased with Carolyn and the atmosphere of the whole place. I felt like I was at home with her. She made everything comfortable for me and even used the "baby needles" on me since I was very sensitive. After just one month of going once a week and taking her Chinese herbal formulas my periods were regulated and I actually Ovulated for the first time in over a year. I finally got pregnant on my second month of regular weekly visits, herbal formulas and by changing my whole diet, I stopped sweets, caffeine, and started eating a healthy diet. My sleep improved and so did my migraine headaches. I am so blessed that we tried Acupuncture first. It was the right decision for me and my family, yes even for me a nurse. I could not see myself putting chemicals into my body that might end up harming our baby without our knowledge and costing us a fortune. I feel like trying it natural, was a great way to start and an even better way to end. I will be seeing her throughout my pregnancy including the last couple months. Baby dust to everyone who is trying...Good luck!!!

- Kelly Townsend

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