"I have been using acupuncture with Carolyn Huffman for several years for overall wellness, insomnia, GERD, and fatigue. As a physician, I have a challenging schedule, keep erratic hours and have a very stressful work environment. I find that overall I experience tremendous benefits with my energy level, stress and GERD. I used to take prescription medications for GERD, and insomnia which I no longer need due to the benefits I receive now from acupuncture. I would recommend it to anyone who feels imbalance in their life, or who has specific complaints. Recently my wife and I have begun to receive treatments to improve our fertility, specifically both my sperm morphology and count.. In about three months we will be undergoing IVF, unless of course it happens naturally on our own before the procedure. The 3 month time period we are told is crucial to the new development of healthy sperm and we are told it will be worth the wait."

Menstrual Problems

"I first saw Carolyn in 1999 for menstrual related problems, which acupuncture helped to balance out. The added benefit was I also lost weight. My appetite not only decreased but my craving for sweets did too. Dr. Huffman is knowledgeable in her field, professional and very understanding."
-Deborah (Legal Secretary)


"I have received acupuncture for fertility, anxiety, sinus allergies and asthma. I recently moved here and have been seeing Dr. Carolyn for the last 4 or 5 months and I love her treatments. She is very in tune with my body and what I need and always maintains a professional repertoire. The office setting is very warm, calming and inviting."
-Nicole Paley (Professional Hairdresser)


"I first started receiving massage from Carolyn Huffman back in 1986. She had very strong hands and gave a fantastic massage, still one of the best I’ve ever experienced. Carolyn has always provided quality care and a high level of professionalism. The massage therapists she has on staff reflect this same level of quality and concern toward their clients. I remember going to see Carolyn in a small, one-room facility. Today she has a beautiful, warm office with four therapy rooms. Be it for stress and relaxation or specific problems such as migraines and low back pain, I highly recommend Carolyn and her staff. They provide an exceptional service."
-Gregory L. Morgan (Commercial Real Estate Executive)